I figured it was high time to follow my evolution in the kitchen with evolution in computer science. I finally decided to self-host this blog, emphasis on self. As in don’t people have designers for these things? It would be so cool to know how to really design this thing, but I’m learning little by little the codes, widgets, plug-ins, RSS feeds, etc. that go into building and designing a site from scratch. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research. It’s the most fun annoyance I’ve dealt with in a while. I’ve become impossible to talk to. It’s like I speak a different language now that only computer geeks get. Why not add all that to my plate?

Wait, am I still subscribed?

The web address is the same and it shouldn’t really affect your access. Email subscribers will continue to receive email notifications when I have new posts, but the folks who have only followed the site on will now only see new posts in your Readers. You won’t receive email notifications unless you also subscribe via email to my new self-hosted site.

So come on over and sign up if you want emails. There will be pizza to greet you. And an awesome new, more functional design.

I don’t think reading or commenting should be too much more of an annoyance, but tell me if it is. I think you may initially have to put in your info to comment, but after a comment or two, I think it’ll be automatic.

Annnnd, I know I’ve said it before, but you guys are a huge part of why I love this spot so much. It brightens my day to get a nice comment or to read a recipe that I can’t wait to make. I appreciate you visiting week after week. I learn so much from you and I’m continually impressed at how much you all get done in a single day, whether you’re doing it in the kitchen or at work, creatively, as a parent or all of the above. You help me be more creative and more forgiving of myself. It really has been an evolution and I’m so excited to bring you with me to my new home! Come look!